When You’re The Only Vegan You Know


It can be a rough life when you’re the only vegan you know. And even worse if on top of this lack of support, maybe the people close to you don’t really get why you’re even taking on this lifestyle at all.
Well I am here with a few tips and some motivation too!

Tip # 1: Keep Going!

Before I get into all the tips on actually being vegan, let me start by saying this: I GET it. I so understand the struggle being the only vegan you know and wanting to talk to people about all of the horrific things you’ve learned about animal agriculture but when you do no one agrees or cares about the facts. I get being amped up after watching 5 documentaries last night and wanting to jump straight into the vegan lifestyle while everyone around you thinks you’re crazy. I get that some of your best friends just don’t really care about the subject that much and some may even be offended when you talk about it. I get the awkward family discussions and rolling your eyes when you get asked where you get your protein from for the millionth time and there’s no one else who gets the irony. I GET it. And I’m sorry you’re going through that. But I promise, you will make friends who are vegan. I promise that you are making the right decision and with time you will not feel awkward bringing tofu curries to social events where everyone is eating meat. I promise it gets better, so just keep going!

Tip # 2: Stop Caring

Seriously. I used to be so concerened with trying not to be “that annoying angry vegan” that I wouldnt even mention it to my closest friends even though I am so passionate about the subject. When I first found out about the cruelty, environmental impacts and health impairments all I wanted was to talk about it!! So go ahead and talk about how excited you are to embark on this awesome lifestyle and give no f*cks. The people who really matter will support you regardless of how they choose to live. Plus, if you dont know any vegans, how are you gonna meet anyone who is if you never make it known that this is a part of your life by talking about it?

Tip # 3: Share!

One of the most intimidating things as a new vegan, especially one who is surrounded by people who have no idea what the word even means, is social events. This is usually the time where everyone partakes in various SAD (Standard American Diet) foods and most of the time, vegan options are scarce or nonexistent. The solution isnt to ditch your old friends or be a hermit. Enjoy your usual hangouts and barbecues, but this time bring your favorite vegan foods to share with everyone! This way, you have your needs met and (as I’ve noticed personally) people tend to really enjoy the vegan food and the stigma about eating lettuce all day is nipped in the bud. Two birds, one stone! 🙂

Tip # 4: Lead By Example

Okay I know I just told you to scream from the rooftops about how good hummus is in Tip #2 but sometimes the best way to share your new lifestyle can be to not say anything about it. Everyone has that one friend or relative who keeps telling you about her acne problems and wondering what she can do and as soon as you suggest the vegan diet, she laughs it off! Been there. Instead, go about your life and whether the results you gain are a better mood, weight loss, more energy or getting rid of your acne, people WILL notice and THEN you can tell them to watch Cowspiracy. And now that they’ve seen results from someone they know, it carries more credibility. Because honestly, some people just arent going to be responsive to the facts no matter how many you have. It just feels like a lecture to them, and no one wants that. Just keep doing you, and be a good example!


I hope that helped some of you out! Honestly I have made so many mistakes on my journey I could go on and on with more tips but I felt these 3 were the most helpful for the new vegan.

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful and maybe share if you think it would help others! 🙂


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