What’s In My Bag

I keep it pretty simple when it comes to my bag essentials. Here’s everything in my bag at the moment (besides phone and money duh).

I always carry a book with me wherever I go. You never know when there’ll be at a 3 hour DMV wait amiright? At the moment, I am reading The Handmaid’s Tale and if I’m honest it’s kind of a snoozefest in the first chapter (Sorry any hardcore T.H.T fans!). I also carry a bookmark I made myself, it’s just cardboard with paper glued to it that I drew some elegant designs all over and a quote by one of my favorite authors Ernest Hemingway.

Next up is some cute aviators from Primark that I always have on hand so I’m not blinded by the sun when I’m driving (highkey dangerous). As well as the most teensy bottle of perfume you’ve ever seen! I usually keep a bodyspray on me at all times, but that’s really only because most perfume bottles are not conducive for carrying around. But this one is so small and light, I don’t have to worry about it exploding in my purse, AND I get to smell high end all the time instead of like a 14 year old obsessed with Bath and Body. WIN.

This marble and rosegold journal is also from Primark and this is where I write down EVERYTHING. I am a person who likes to plan. a lot. So this is filled with to do lists, ideas for my blog, my youtube channel, workout plans, recipes, everything!! So whenever I’m out and about, if I get a cool video idea I can jot it down. You could just use the Notes app but I think the physical act of writing really helps consolidate your ideas in your head, typing is too fast, I just forget everything! I also have some markers and a gel pen for pretty notes because #Aesthetic.

Lastly, we have some beauty/care items that I cannot live without. Honestly, I didn’t buy all the hype about the Mario Badescu Rosewater Toner until I bought it. It’s like the world’s lightest moisturizer which is PERFECT for :

a)summer because who wants to slap on an inch of aveeno when it’s 95 degrees out and

b) Combination skin! This is the holy grail for skin that is too oily in some areas and too dry in others, it’s the perfect amount of moisturizer and since it’s mostly aloe that’s doing the moisturizing, it is water based and therefore lets your skin breathe instead of sitting on top and clogging pores.

I also have some Kirkland brand face wipes which I truly believe are the best in the game for taking off the most stubborn makeup. And to top it off, I think keeping a nude matte my-lips-but-better shade of lipstick in your bag at all times is a must for touchups.

What are your favorite bag essentials? Share in the comments below!
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