You dont need Hot Cheetos! I found something WAY better.

Hey guys!

Today I’m going over some ESSENTIAL vegan staples/snacks that really help when you are transitioning from the standard american diet and are missing certain things. The following are all the products along with links for where you can get them!* If you would like a more visual, concise version of this post, I have a video on these products on my youtube channel here . Now let’s get into this post!

1. Hot Cheetos replacement: Kurkure. I know how much you miss your hot cheetos but I can honestly say these indian, vegan alternatives are wayy better. The “Hyderabadi Hungama” Flavor is the most similar to Hot Cheetos, it is tangy and very spicy. But all the flavors are vegan so you cant go wrong with any of them! Chili Chatka is amazing too. Well actually Rajasthani also ties at number 1. And Naughty Tomato… This isnt sponsored I promise I’m actually just that addicted LOL. You can find these in any indian grocery store or online here

2. Half and Half Replacement: TJ’s Coconut Creamer. This is the best non-dairy replacement for coffee/tea/hot cocoa hands down and I can pretty much bet my life on that. Sorry for the drama LOL but this product has earned such a reaction! As much as I love almondmilk on its own there is just not a single brand that works seamlessly in coffee. Sure its fine for when you’re just trying to gulp down as much coffee as possible before an exam but as far as flavor goes, something is always funky. And dont even get me started on soy (wayy too heavy and thick), coconut milk (opposite problem, too watery! yuck) etc. You can find this at Trader Joe’s, unfortunately it is not avaiable anywhere online!

3. Whole Milk Replacement/Best non-dairy milk ever: Califia Farms Almondmilk. First of all let me preface this with the fact that I have been drinking this milk for like 3 years and have been calling it “Kalifa Farms” (yes, like Wiz Kalifa) and I only realized I’ve been reading it wrong like yesterday.
ANYWAY this stuff is the holy grail of almondmilk. The REAL deal, okay? Silk doesn’t hold a candle. I feel like all the top almond milk brands are pretty tasty on their own but as soon as you add them to tea or coffee, its like you just added water! Califa Farms is not like that. On its own, it tastes eerily similar to whole milk (without the gross sour aftertaste dairy tends to have). And adding a splash to tea and coffee actually makes your drink creamy like it’s supposed to! However, as much as I LOVE califa (seriously I’m drinking it as I type) when it comes to coffee, I would stick with TJ’s Coconut Creamer, it’s just the most similar to regular milk in terms of how it interacts with coffee/tea. Available at Wholefoods and online here.

4. Brad’s Kale Chips: Ah, nothing like a good kale chip. Seriously! I know the kale chips you made one time in your oven tasted like burnt gym socks but I promise these are totally amazing. That’s primarily because they were made by a process called air-frying so no oil here! Huge bonus. There are also a nice replacement for hot cheetos if you want more cheesiness. Kurkure are personally my first preference but they dont have a cheesy flavor so when I’m craving that umami, Brad’s Kale Chips are the go-to. You can find them at wholefoods or online. Vampire Killer is here and Nasty Hot here.

5. TJ’s Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream: The thing that reallyyyy gets me about ice cream and why I dont eat it often is because: THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH CHOCOLATE FLAVOR. I am a true chocolate addict and the whole sugary-milkiness with a drop of hershey’s syrup crap WILL NOT CUT IT. That’s why when I tell you TJ’s Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice Cream is the real deal, believe me. It is hands down the creamiest, chocolatey ice cream ever, non-vegan ice cream included. And for those of you who hate the flavor of coconut, this really doesnt taste or smell like coconut at all! The chocolate flavor is super intense, so that’s all you’ll taste 🙂 This is only avaiable at Trader Joe’s and not online.


I hope you enjoyed this and it helped you out! Leave a comment below if you plan to try any of these vegan alternatives! Have a great day!

x -Alisha



*These are NOT affiliate links I do not profit from them at all*

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  1. Rizwan Hussain | 20th Jul 17

    Hey there Alisha,

    Firstly Congratulation!!!!! on the new blog. I don’t know if you remember me. I am your cousin from India. Probably may not ring a bell coz its been ages. May be more than a decade. Anyway, so vegan huh. Thats nice. So loads in store with the new life style and career (medical school, blog, vegan food, feminism,etc.) Looking forward to read more of your blogs. This is a good thing you have started. Keep this up and running. I have seen many ppl who start a blog and then post nothing later on (like a New Year Resolution to write a journal LOL). Anyway all the very best with the Medical School and also with the blog. Hope your bro , Mama and Mami are doing well. Take care.

    • Alisha | 21st Jul 17

      Of course I remember you Bhaiya! Thanks so much! Haha yeah, I’m in it for the long haul, I’ll definitely keep this going. Yes everyone here is doing good, I hope Irfan bhaiya and your parents are well!!

  2. Rizwan Hussain | 20th Jul 17

    Firstly Congratulations on the new blog. I don’t know if you remember me. I am your cousin Rizwan from India. Probably won’t ring any bells coz its been ages. I guess its been more than a decade. Anyway vegan huh, that’s nice. Starting a new journey into medical school and managing a blog. So I guess there will be loads to read. This is a good thing that you have started. Keep this up and running. I hope you will be active on it. So all the very best with the new blog and Medical School. Hope Mama, Mami ad your bro are doing well. Take care.

  3. Sarah Newman | 27th Jul 17

    This is an awesome post! I haven’t tried the TJ’s chocolate ice cream before but will trust you on it, because I’m the same – it needs to be super chocolatey! 😉


    • Alisha | 27th Jul 17

      Ah I’m excited for you to try it it’s soo good. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. moniqueseverydayadventures | 28th Jul 17

    That’s a great post, thank you for sharing! 😊 I always love reading ‘vegan alternative’ posts and in yours I discovered that Trader Joe’s has vegan ice cream as well! 😍😍
    Monique xx

    • Alisha | 28th Jul 17

      Yes! Trader Joe’s has a bunch of secretly vegan things I might do a whole post on that! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Juli | 28th Jul 17

    Hot cheetos were one of my favorites as a child (not knowing how terrible they are for our bodies!!) I am so excited to try Kurkure. Thank you for the post!

    • Alisha | 28th Jul 17

      No problem, I’m so glad it helped you 🙂

  6. Stella Evans @ The Smoothie Vegetarians | 28th Jul 17

    What an awesome post! I am always looking for vegan treats, thank you for sharing!

    • Alisha | 29th Jul 17

      Thank you and I’m so glad it helped you out 🙂

  7. Amy Katz from Veggies Save The Day | 31st Jul 17

    I agree that it’s not difficult to find vegan alternatives to favorite foods. Great list!

    • Alisha | 31st Jul 17


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