Terrassen’s Cafe : Vegan Restaurant Review

This face encapsulates exactly how I feel about vegan food. :DDD

This week, on my vacation in Hyderabad, India (which where I was born and raised for a couple years) I decided to scope out the few fully vegan restaurants this state has to offer. Honestly, I was surprised there were any at all considering meat and dairy are just a way of life here. It’s part of the cuisine and the culture and for a place like this to embrace veganism and introduce it to people who have never heard of the word is such a brave endeavor, one that I am really proud of my birthplace for taking on!

Anyway, onto the food!

I started off with Hot Chocolate with Hazelnuts (I believe the milk used was soy milk although I am not a 100% sure, could have been blended with coconut milk) This is hands down the best hot chocolate I have ever bought in my life. It was one of those so-thick-it-coats-the-back-of-your-throat-and-on-second-thought-I-might-be-drinking-pudding hot chocolate’s and the hazelnut addition made it seem like I was drinking melted Nutella, which- who doesn’t love that idea?? I also ordered a cold coffee which was made with soy-coconut milk which was creamy and frothy and still had a pronounced coffee flavor at the same time!

Cold Coffee with coconut-soy milk and in-house filter coffee.


Next up my friend ordered some herbed potato wedges with a “special mustard sauce” that she didn’t like very much. It just tasted like dijon mustard to me which was fine, although I think adding agave nectar would have made it even better! For my entre I ordered the Veghani Keema Noodles that used vermicelli as the noodles and minced tofu for the keema. Now I know it’s been a number of years since I’ve tasted actual keema (traditionally a spiced, minced beef dish) but this was pretty dead on! My non-vegan friend thought so too. I will definitely be attempting to recreate this.

For dessert, I ordered pancakes with caramelized bananas and coffee-rum syrup and vanilla ice cream that was as DECADENT AF as it sounds.

All in all, Terrassen’s Cafe offers a fully vegan menu that takes risks with its dishes and offers unique recipes I’ve never seen before! The prices are ridiculously affordable, (all of this came to just over 500 rupees which is around 9 dollars!!) and you still get a gourmet, completely cruelty free and absolutely delicious experience. I will probably be coming back here until I have sampled the entire menu lol so stay tuned!


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