Indian Girl Skincare/Makeup Must-haves

There are certain skin issues particular to indian/desi skin such as hyperpigmentation (uneven skintone), oily skin, dark under eyes and yellow undertones that never match your favorite foundation. Well today I have the solution for ALL of these. THATS RIGHT.

1. African Black Soap:

This is a well known youtube beauty “secret” but I only started using it about 2 months ago. When I bought it, it was to get rid of acne scars and prevent acne in general since I was moving into a mostly raw diet and getting some detox breakouts as a result. I got the results I wanted but I actually got a bonus too: I realized my skintone had evened out so much! All my life I’ve had hyperpigmentation (darker skintone) in my forehead and chin areas and pretty pale skin in my cheeks resulting in a really unflattering skintone that just got worse when I tried to cover it up with makeup. My foundation would match perfectly with my cheeks but it would look grey in my hyperpigmented areas since I was using a foundation that was too light for those areas. It was a nightmare using a bunch of different foundations just to do the most basic makeup look. And I know many indian people especially those who are fairer in complexion struggle with the same problem. I totally recommend this product which is actually a) completely natural and has a very short ingredient list and b) has been used in african culture to treat a number of skin maladies for centuries! My only caveat is that it can be a little drying, even if you have oily skin like me. So start by only using this 2 or 3 times a week and give your skin time to adjust.

2. Orange La Girl Color Corrector

Ah, color correctors. The truly holy grail for people of color. I have hereditary dark circles that do not budge no matter how much sleep I get and this has been a HUGE problem when it comes to concealing my under-eyes. Similar to hyperpigmentation, I would end up with grey, uneven coverage whenever I used a normal concealer no matter how light or dark the shade! But a little dab (seriously a tiny tiny amount goes a longg way) of this color corrector before your concealer really helps cancel out the darkness. And a tip for the fellow frugal student: I love the formula and price of the LA girl color corrector but honestly, you could use any burnt orange or even red lipstick that you have lying around and get the same results!

3. Turmeric in the foundation!

Turmeric is truly the indian life saver in so many ways. It makes food delicious/ aesthetically pleasing, prevents disease and now it’s gonna help you SLAY YOUR FACE.
I am sure you know the absolute nightmare of picking up a foundation that looks yellow enough in the store only to put it on and look like casper the ghost. The problem is too much pink undertone! I wish I could go back in time and scream that at myself with a megaphone because I always thought I just needed a darker shade or just couldn’t find one for my skintone. Alas, I have like 5 untouched foundations (not kidding) that are too pink for me.
Well now I have foundation FO LIFE because I can fix all of them and make them more yellow with: HALDI. (turmeric in hindi). The procedure is ridiculously simple: mix in a literal pinch of the stuff into your favorite too-pink foundation in a small container and mix it really well because it can be grainy if it doesn’t dissolve completely. Set this aside and whenever you need to do your makeup, mix in a small amount of the pre mixed turmeric-foundation into your regular shade. The pre-mixed foundation will tend to get more yellow since turmeric is really pigmented and stains everything so you don’t want to put it directly on your face.

What are some of your personal remedies for desi/colored skin problems? I’d love to know in the comments!

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x- Alisha

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