Hollistic Skincare Routine + Natural Acne Preventing Products

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Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee because this is gonna be a long post. I’m sorry, I’m just passionate! (If you would prefer this exact post in video form, I made a video on my youtube channel here.)

Today I thought I’d go over some of my tried and tested favorite natural “products” (a lot of them are just one ingredient straight from nature) for healthy beautiful skin! Now let’s get into it!

Growing up and even now in my 20s, I struggled with acne and oily skin. But even since I was young, I knew I only wanted to treat it hollistically and naturally. So no “proactive”, sitting-on-top-of-skin treatments here.

I believe that to really heal acne, the solution starts with what you eat and drink. After all, your skin is a reflection of whats going on on the inside. All the products in the world wont permanently get rid of your acne if you’re eating deep fried snickers for every meal.

So before we get started on the products, remember to drink your weight in ounces of water every day ( so if I am 120 pounds I should be drinking at least 120 oz daily, more if you are active). And even if you arent making the jump to being full blown vegan (although I do believe this diet is ultimately the best for skincare and other reasons) cut down on dairy!

Dairy is a highly fatty secretion that is meant to grow a baby calf into a 3000 pound cow as quickly as possible and therefore contains tons of hormones to expedite that process. When adult humans intake all these hormones, they cause an imbalance which is what leads to acne, and specifically cystic acne. On top of that, dairy is highly mucus producing! (yuck).

I struggled with getting throat infections EVERY MONTH and having congested sinuses for all my teenage years not to mention the phlegm production clogging up my throat. As soon as I made the connection with dairy and acne and got rid of it, I noticed all of the throat symptoms clearing up too! I havent been sick in years and never have phlegmy problems anymore either! (thank god)

Ok, now that you know to ditch the diary and drink your water, lets move on to products.

The first in this long list of holy grails is the Aztec Clay Mask made with Aztec clay and apple cider vinegar. This all-natural calcium bentonite reacts with the apple cider vinegar to make a fizzy (albeit smelly) paste that you leave on your face until it is hard and starts to crack. At this point, your face will actually pulsate which makes all the blood rush to your face and heal acne and old acne scars! The clay draws out any impurities from your pores and apple cider vinegar is an excellent toner for the skin; it creates an alkaline environment. (Bacteria only thrive in acidic environments which is what causes acne!) I use this 1-2 times a week and have noticed incredible results!

Next up is Tea Tree Oil! This product is used as an overnight spot treatment for any existing or imminent zits. But be careful because the oil is too potent to be used alone and should always be diluted with water to avoid burns/bad reactions to the skin. I have noticed that using this in combination with the next product makes for a perfect evening skincare routine!

Witchhazel is a natural astringent, (that sort of smells like barbeque sauce btw) meaning it removes oil from the skin and calms down any redness/irritation. It is not too drying but still removes all the oiliness leaving skin clean while preventing acne while you sleep! I have literally never had clearer skin in my life than after using this as a toner every night.

The Neogen Dermalogy Lemon Peel is a pad soaked in a lemon-scented serum that cleanses and exfoliates skin. On one side is the exfoliating surface and the other is a softer side that is used to gather up all the dead cells sloughed off from exfoliation. I would remark that while this doesnt seem to prevent acne, it certainly does a great job of maintaining clear skin and definitely makes it more glowy and supple the morning after it is used!

If this helped you out, please comment below so I know to do more of these type of posts, and maybe share with a friend if it would help them!

x- Alisha

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